Are you looking for a place where you can realize yourself? A place that provides enough space, whether you are looking for a new location for your company or a new place to live? 

Finding out which property is right for you and whether it meets your own individual requirements is a sensitive matter that deserves special attention. My mission is not only to accompany you during the mediation process, but also to respond to your personal needs and priorities in trustful cooperation. 

Over the past years I have built up a large network in Hamburg and Berlin and am the right contact for you in real estate brokerage in both metropolises.



I help you to find the right property for you on the most complex property markets in Europe.


Are you the owner of a residential or commercial property and looking for new buyers or tenants?


Whether you want to buy or rent, sell or let a property depends on various factors.


Construction status, facilities, location or the current market price: these are just a few of the many criteria.


Together we found your dream property: Now it's time to stand out from the competition.


In negotiations and closing notary appointments, I stand by your side as a consultant at all times.